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Introducing Steve Lamson

DBST is proud to present our hero training partner.

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The Jamaican

Another rewarding weekend.

I had the pleasure of teaching Ben, a Jamaican living in Thailand working for emergemissions.org.  

Ben and his wife Jessica are Directors for Emerge Children’s Ministries.  They are tasked with coordinating and expanding the children’s work being supported in the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar.    

Each year they come to the US to raise funds for their work in Thailand.

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MX Training

Learn to ride with the curriculum that has helped riders time and again to reach championship status.

As a motorcycle enthusiast with over 30 years of experience, Gary Strode has been continuously involved in the motorcycle industry since he was a young boy. He climbed the national ranks to within the top 1% in the world.  His professional racing career lasted 12 years, starting in 1988.  He earned National #46 and held it for two consecutive years in 1993/1994.  Gary retired from professional competition in 2000. His last National event was at his home track, Washougal Motocross Park, which happened to be on the AMA National Motocross Series that year. 

Through his time as a professional racer, Gary attend the AMA Supercross Series and AMA National Motocross Series from 1989-1992. In 1992 he decided to make a switch to the AMA National Dirt Track Race Series, where he earned his National #46. Throughout his time as a National Dirt Track Racer, Gary increase his cornering skills tremendously, which served to be very helpful as he switched back to the National Motocross series for two years, before he retired.

Today Gary Strode and Dirt Bike Safety Training use their life experiences as motorcycle riders and trainers to teach others how to ride.  Gary has done so for over 20 years. Now on the long list of Pro riders that have had the opportunity to work directly with Gary Strode, come some of the best riders in the world. You know these riders today,  Nick Schmidt, Tommy Weeck, Josh Jackson, Collin Jurin and many more...

In this class we will teach: 

- Proper Bike Setup 

- Hands and Body positioning.  (Energy Conserving and Attack Position) 

- Effective Starting Techniques (Modulation of Clutch to Throttle Control) 

- Power Braking

- Cornering Techniques (Angles Positions)

- Speed Shifting and Throttle positioning

- Attacking the Whoops

- Anticipating your opponents while Passing

- Line Selection

- Moto Preparations

and much more....

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NVBDR Premier!

The Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route Movie Premier is here!

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Women ADV Riders Magazine Featuring DBST, LLC

Dirt Bike Safety Training featured in Women ADV Riders online magazine!

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Gift Certificates!

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season?

Dirt Bike Safety Training is offering Gift Certificates for our Level 1 and Level 2 classes. 

Gift certificates are a great solution when you’re looking for that perfect gift that will give memories to last a lifetime. 

Let DBST help you give the gift of motorcycle safety training to your friends, family, and business associates this holiday season. If you would like to purchase your own amount, please call to set up a custom Gift Certificate.

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Annual Pilgrimage

Dirt Bike Safety Training is traveling to SoCal this week to attend the first stop of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, The last round of the Transworld EnduroCross in Ontario, and then head over to the Mothership in Anza, CA to do some training with Gary LaPlante!  Be sure to let us know if you will be attending any of these events!

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Cody Webb and Taylor Robert in the Latest Red Bull Video

Red Bull drops its latest moto video featuring Cody Webb and Taylor Robert

On Nov 3rd Red Bull released their latest moto video featuring Cody Webb (DBST guest instructor) and Taylor Robert.  On Oct 21st Cody Webb taught a class for Dirt Bike Safety Training the day before the Everett Endurocross!

These two phenomenal riders released to their own devices at an abandon ski hill near Lake Tahoe.  Their skills are unsurpassed as they ride terrain usually covered in snow and reserved for skiers and snowboarders.  Take a look!


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Cody Webb - Hero Instructor

Come ride and train with AMA Endurocross Champion Cody Webb!

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Sound Rider Show

Jason Sherman, from Dirt Bike Safety Training, gets interviewed at the Rally in the Gorge for the September Sound Rider Show.  

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Rally in the Gorge Recap

Another successful rally to round out the 2016 Rally Season.  

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Rally in the Gorge 2016

Don't miss the last rally of the season: 

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Touratech Rally Wrap up

The dust is finally settling over Plain, WA.  

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Dirty Girls Summer Camp

Dirt Bike Safety Training had a great time teaching the amazing "Dirty Girls" and "SheADV" crew at the annual Dirty Girls Summer Camp.  

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Touratech Rally West

The Touratech Rally West is upon us! The weather forecast is perfect! We have a few spots left in our clinics, lock in your spot NOW! Wednesday is the last day to pre-register for the low, low price of $125. We will have a limited number of small dirt bikes available on site for an additional fee.

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Training at the Giant Loop Rally

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

We have a few spots left in our clinic at the 5th annual Giant Loop Ride.  

Dirt Bike Safety training will be on site, doing a clinic on Friday, 11 AM June 3.

Located at Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon Backcountry Experience, June 3-5. 

Bring your dualsport or adventure bike for roughly four hours of training, improving your skills with Dirt Bike Safety Training, LLC.  We will ride together through a series of fun skill building exercises to help unlock your potential, honing your skills and maximizing your fun this summer. 

Space is limited, Click HERE to register now for $125, or $149 at the event.

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North American Motor Officers’ Association

Dirt Bike Safety Training LLC will have a booth at The 2016 North American Motor Officers’ Association’s training conference in Tulalip May 18-20.   We plan to open some eyes and share some insights into the benefits of training OFF-road to improve ON-road riding.

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Sound Rider Show

Last week we were interviewed by Tom Mehren and Derek Roberts from the Sound Rider Show.

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Summer Rallies

Summer Rallies

The summer rally schedule is filling up fast. Take a look at your calendars and book your classes now!

First up is the 5th annual Giant Loop Ride: Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon Backcountry Experience, June 3-5. 

Dirt Bike Safety training will be on site doing a clinic on Friday, June 3.

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Events and Adventures

A great day teaching and inspiring six brand new riders from Events and Adventures how to ride motorcycles off road!  

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Clinic at the Desert 100

Its not too late! 

Sign up now to secure your spot in the Dirt Bike Safety Training Clinic at the Desert 100.

Join us Friday April 1, 2016, on site at the Desert 100 near Odessa, WA.  

Give us a call at: 844-347-8347 or Sign up HERE 
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Shelton Beginner Enduro

ENDURO Season is here!

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Future Riders

I gotta hand it to this young lady, she found Dirt Bike Safety Training online and asked her parents to take the class. She and her younger brother are both avid mountain bikers and had a blast learning to ride motorbikes.  Jason and I had a great time teaching these three new riders.

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Dirt Bike Safety Training - Official Sponsor Of The 2016 Desert 100

Need to sharpen your skills before the big event? Dirt Bike Safety Training has you covered.

Join our Clinic Friday, sign up at:  www.dirtbikesafetytraining.com  or give us a call at: 844-347-8347

Free early gate entry Thursday night for pre-registered students.

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XIIR Xtreme International Ice Racing Event

Dirt Bike Safety Training, LLC would like to invite you and your family out tonight, for an exciting evening of motorcycle racing on the ice. This event is held at the Everett Xfinity Arena.

As a official sponsor of this years Xtreme International Ice Racing Series, Dirt Bike Safety Training is raffling off a "Go Pro" and other prizes at the end of the night. Stop by our booth to register for your chance to win.

Dirt Bike Safety Training has Special Offers tonight.  Text the word (Ride) to (88202) and receive promotional pricing to the future training class of your choice.

For more information, go online to: www.dirtbikesafetytraining.com for more details. (Review our calendar for this up coming event.)

We look forward to seeing you there....


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