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I have known Whitney and Jason for some time and have ridden and trained with both.  They are both amazing dirt riders and are out riding and participating in many events within the community.  They are also wonderful rider coaches and are patient, knowledgeable and have the ability to help you greatly improve your riding skills.

I highly recommend, no matter what level of skills you posses, to get with them to build your skill level and become even a better rider both on and off road.  They don't teach "on-road" curriculum but I honestly feel that off-road training will hugely benefit you on the street.  In fact, I think it is beneficial for new riders to get some off-road training before they venture out on the street.  Hope to see you out on the trails.

-Tracy J. 41 / Mercer Is.

I took the beginners class with a couple of girlfriends just for fun and as something I’ve always wanted to learn. We were very apprehensive in the beginning, but Whitney was patient and encouraging. It was a fun and positive learning experience (which is all I really hoped for), and I am looking to schedule my next class as soon as possible! Next time with my kids after we purchase bikes of our own!

-Cristiana C. 39 / North Bend

"As Max's father, I must say Max really enjoyed his training day.  It would be a gross understatement to say Max had such a great time because he loved every moment. We are searching now for a bike, which will likely be a Honda like the one he rode.  Thanks again to you and Jason for making a remarkable day for Max.  Kevin"

-Max W. 13 / Shoreline

A good class, I was able to learn new skills and use them immediately. Thanks for being at Rally in the Gorge 2015.

-Cliff R. / Hood River OR

I was thrilled to learn about DBST after riding off road for 10 years without feeling I had a fundamental approach or technique. My 11 year old son and I took the Level 2 class with Jason, and we had a blast. The curriculum specifically addressed exactly what we both needed to smooth out our riding to improve endurance, speed and fun. It felt like every exercise unlocked another mystery, and we both can't wait for opportunities to practice these concepts and come back again.

-Ben A. 46 / Bellevue, WA

I've been a street rider for 15 years and got my first dual sport a few years back. I've done a little off road riding, but frankly I'm terrified of it. My husband thought this would help me gain some skills that would boost my confidence and make it more enjoyable. He decided he could probably learn a thing or two as well, so we took the level 2 class together. First of all, wow! it's hard work! I learned so much from this class though! I think it was definitely a little harder since I've been a street rider for so long; there are a lot of things that are quite opposite between the two riding methods. To be honest, I was beside myself with anxiety; how many times am I going to drop my bike, how many people are going to be waiting for me, how frustrated are people going to be with my lack of skill, etc. But our instructor (the owner, Jason) was absolutely fantastic and so incredibly patient with me. There was no judgement from anyone and it seemed like everyone in our group was learning and having fun too. Even in our group of 8, which they considered large, everyone got some real personal attention and coaching. By the end of the day I was able to ride and actually maneuver in sand, which is something I've never been able to do - skill or confidence-wise. And my husband, who has done some pretty extreme off road riding learned a lot as well. The principles behind the teaching methods here are pretty spot on and I'm definitely excited to ride more now! I also believe it would be worth taking the class again to really master some of the skills learned here. I would recommend this operation to pretty much anyone interested in off road riding - there are 3 levels of skill courses, so there's something for everyone and you'd be amazed at how even just a little coaching can improve your riding. Thank you Jason!

-Lara D. 40 / Portland, OR

I've been riding street for about 10 years and my wife for about 4. We didn't pretend to know anything about riding in dirt before this class and we learned a great deal! Focus on fundamentals and body positioning made all the difference in feeling confident and capable on a dirtbike. What a perfect way to celebrate my birthday and walk away with some very valuable skills - I'll be back!  Thank you very much Jason!!!!

-Gabe A. 29 / Kent, WA

Thank you so much for your class. I learned soooo much! What made the difference for me was when you went to each of us, held the bike and got us to feel the correct position for ourselves. Being “up on the bike” has a whole new look for me now and it’s helped tremendously with my control. 
I went out with my husband, Nikki (took the class with me) and her husband after class. I practiced the whole way and could notice the difference in myself by the end. So much more confidence on this bike now and it’s thanks to you. 
Keep doing what you do so we’ll for others because we appreciate it so much!
Thanks again for a great experience,

-Kathy D. /

I took the ADV bike safety class a few months ago and have made an earnest effort to put the skills I learned into practice since that time. I decided to post this testimonial because I'm earnestly astonished that my off-road abilities have improved so drastically after just 1 day of education and application of proper off-road technique. Today, I'm safely conquering terrain that would have sent me flying off my bike previously, haha! 1 caveat: the class is physically demanding, and it's a full day. Be prepared. I'm looking forward to signing up for the next class in the series!

-Jake M. 49 / Tigard, OR

I completed the 2-day ADV training class on my BMW 1250 GSA this past weekend and it definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone, in a very good way. Day 1 was spent getting used to riding dirt in a controlled and safe environment. Jason’s coaching was hands-on, direct and very supportive. I left the day tired and sore but feeling good about my progress. Day 2 was a glorious sunny day riding forest service roads in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. There were some very challenging sections that Jason was able to coach me through when I was doubting my ability to make it. I made it to the top and was very happy I persevered and was able to complete the ride. I now have skills and knowledge that I can utilize both on and off the road that will make me a safer rider. I feel much more confident when my bike loses traction and I know how to react, and more importantly how the bike will react, in those situations. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their overall riding skills and get more comfortable riding in the dirt.

-Mark R. 60 / Bothell

Knowledgeable, friendly, and patient instructors with structured, progressive lessons make this course a fun and engaging experience.

-Daniel 43 / Seattle

I took the level one class and was very impressed with how much I learned in one day. I bought a Beta 125 RR-S and came back for the second level class. I couldn't have been happier by the end of the day. I started the class being very nervous and scared of my own bike. I left the class with a ton of confidence, enough to start learning how to do jumps which is something I never thought I would have the courage to do. I will definitely be back in the near future for more lessons to perfect my skills and body positioning. Thank you again!

-Rachel 30 / Seattle

I had such a great time, and learned so much! Jason and Whitney are such amazing instructors, they are very patient and like to work one on one when your struggling. Going on the trail before you learn the skills in the middle and at the end really helped to see my progress, thanks so much for a great time and new skills to keep me safe!

-Chelcey 20 / Tulalip

I consider myself a seasoned off-road adventure rider, having dedicated considerable time to training and honing my skills. After relocating to Seattle, I came across DBST and promptly approached Jason for an advanced level course. To my surprise, he recommended the intermediate level instead. Though hesitant at first, I took his advice. Just an hour into the course, I realized Jason's assessment was spot-on. The day-long session was both challenging and enlightening. I picked up invaluable insights on handling and significantly enhanced my riding skills to use on my KTM 1190 Adventure R. Looking forward to more training opportunities with DBST!

-Renat B. 38 / Seattle

Used to ride off-road motorcycles in the 70’s & early 80’s but had not been on one for 35+ yrs! Decided to give the Level 2 class a try with some reservations that I’d be holding the others up. But thanks to the spacious facility, well-designed curriculum and excellent instruction, it worked out just fine. I did the package wherein DBST provides the bike and all the equipment and was particularly grateful for the helmet - which helped hide the silly grin that otherwise would have been evident to all, all day long. Thanks, DBST. Heartily recommend your course to anyone looking to learn how to ride a bike; brush up on their skills; or take their riding to the next level.

-Dean H. 59 / Everett WA

I had a level 2 class today. I'm not a good rider and I was looking to polish skills and focus on technique to gain confidence in my dirt rides. I've taken other classes in the past but Jason is not only a great teacher (awesome communication and energy) but also his knowledge of body posture and bike handling offroad is second to none. if you are considering this class, stop and sign up. This is investing on you. I know now how to really break offroad without an Ohh S××t moment. thank you DBST and Jason.

-Jose R. 41 / Burien, WA

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