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My son, age 12, and I spent a day with Dirt First. He's new to cycling, so started in the beginner class. I've ridden street bikes for most of my life, so joined group 2. The training was fantastic. Joseph had never ridden before; by the end of the day, he was shifting gears, executing sharp turns, and doing a little trail riding. Great teachers. For myself, I learned that dirt bikes are entirely different than what I had grown accustomed to. The balance is different, turning is different; lots of new physics to learn, and this course was the perfect intro. 5 out of 5. Outstanding.

-Chris a. 60 / Mukilteo

I've been riding street for about 10 years and my wife for about 4. We didn't pretend to know anything about riding in dirt before this class and we learned a great deal! Focus on fundamentals and body positioning made all the difference in feeling confident and capable on a dirtbike. What a perfect way to celebrate my birthday and walk away with some very valuable skills - I'll be back!  Thank you very much Jason!!!!

-Gabe A. 29 / Kent, WA

I completed the 2-day ADV training class on my BMW 1250 GSA this past weekend and it definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone, in a very good way. Day 1 was spent getting used to riding dirt in a controlled and safe environment. Jason’s coaching was hands-on, direct and very supportive. I left the day tired and sore but feeling good about my progress. Day 2 was a glorious sunny day riding forest service roads in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. There were some very challenging sections that Jason was able to coach me through when I was doubting my ability to make it. I made it to the top and was very happy I persevered and was able to complete the ride. I now have skills and knowledge that I can utilize both on and off the road that will make me a safer rider. I feel much more confident when my bike loses traction and I know how to react, and more importantly how the bike will react, in those situations. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their overall riding skills and get more comfortable riding in the dirt.

-Mark R. 60 / Bothell

I rode on the street for about 15 years total and then hit the dirt. Many crashes later, I went to the intermediate class at Dirt Bike Safety Training. Jason and Whitney were excellent and although at first I didn't completely understand why we were doing some things the way we were, I definitely do after getting back out on trails. I took the skills I learned and expanded them into other skills. Huge difference in riding ability! Huge!

-Abraham W. 42 / Arlington Wa

Jason is an amazing instructor. He nails it with clear objectives, clear directions, over all logical progression of exercises, quick recognition of a need act when we needed corrective action (including taking breaks). And in particular I liked how he was firm with me when I was doing something dangerous, and didn't realize it! It takes a strong and confident instruction to bring levity and firmness to a training like this. Thank you so much!

-Nicholas R. 51 / Kenmore

I took the Level I and II courses a month into learning to ride, and, a year later, I can say they were the best thing I did to improve my riding. The clear instruction combined with the controlled low traction environment reveal so much about the fundamentals of good riding (lean angle, body position, traction management, ...). Also, the dirt experience prepared me to turn down fire roads and rip on some fun light adventure rides. I took Level II again a year later as a refresher / skill assessment. Definitely worth coming back to the course more than once as so much is covered and the instructors will find ways to push you. Also, it's just plain fun. Friendly atmosphere. Small class sizes. A single track course with swoopy turns and just enough sticker bushes to keep your adrenaline up.

-Marc 33 / Seattle, WA

I took the ADV bike safety class a few months ago and have made an earnest effort to put the skills I learned into practice since that time. I decided to post this testimonial because I'm earnestly astonished that my off-road abilities have improved so drastically after just 1 day of education and application of proper off-road technique. Today, I'm safely conquering terrain that would have sent me flying off my bike previously, haha! 1 caveat: the class is physically demanding, and it's a full day. Be prepared. I'm looking forward to signing up for the next class in the series!

-Jake M. 49 / Tigard, OR

The class was awesome! I come from a background of street bikes (Harley's and sport bikes) with a little off-road experience. How the class broke down the individual skills and then applied them during the trail rides was perfect for reinforcement. Whitney was a great instructor and I'm definitely signing up for more. Thank you DBST! -Krit

-Krit M. 41 / Lynnwood

I haven’t ridden a Motorcycle on any type of dirt for over 40 years, until taking the Dirt First Course at the 2018 Touratech Rally West. What an assume experience it was, my friend Gary invited me and set me up with the Dirt First class. The Instructors were amazing teaching the techniques needed to ride dirt and also help on the street riding. My dirt riding skills were way off mark, until Jason started teaching us the basics. I’ve been around a lot of instructors in my days, I have to say Jason is among the top 5. He was very professional and was top notch in his teaching skills. If you are learning to ride Dirt Bikes or even been riding for a while. I highly recommend you take a course with these guys. You will not only learn valuable skills, you will have a blast. Thanks Dirt First for a great experience!!! Earl Faulk, Olympia, WA

-Earl F. 56 / Olympia

I have been riding various street (Harley's, BMW GS, etc.) for the past 10 years, watching the dirt bikes and dual sport scene from the sidelines. I finally made a goal this year to do WABDR, picked up a new bike and started hitting local fire roads. I quickly found that my pavement skills didn't translate to dirt/gravel/rocks, and I was incredibly uncomfortable. Even had a couple incidences that could have ended up really poor. I decided it was time to put the ego aside and get some proper instruction when I found dirt bike safety training. Fast forward to today, and what I got was the best - and most personalized - instruction I've ever had. Jason and his team are amazing. I learned more in 6 hours than in the past 10 years of riding. I have no doubt this has put me 6 months ahead of where I'd be at learning on my own. The class has an excellent progression of skills, that all build off of the previous skill learned. Riding position on dirt is completely different, and I walked away from today much more confident on dirt than I had ever hoped. Can't wait to come back.

-Travis G. 37 / Snoqualmie, WA

I am a beginner motorcyclist with no experience whatsoever. I took the level 1 class on a cold and rainy day and as I got there I wasn't sure how I was feeling about it. At the end of the day I can truly say that I have enjoyed this class and left feeling more confident. Jason was very patient and knowledgedable. I would definitely go back for level 2. I highly recommend this class!

-Karine C. 47 / Burien, WA

As a seasoned street rider, with 20+ yrs exp, riding everything from imports to Harleys, I figured there wasn't a whole lot of curriculum that would apply to me.... Boy was I wrong!!! I hired Mr. Jason Sherman to take me out on a private lesson. Wow, was I ever grateful. To Begin, Mr. Sherman was polite, professional, great at communicating and demonstration, and an all around pleasure to ride with. It amazed me, through his instruction, how much different the dirt from the street really is. In every exercise he was very thorough and helpful. He even helped me fine tune some of the control aspects of the Honda CRF 450x to fit me personally. From beginning to end, I had fun, and most importantly, learned valuable skills to keep the ride safe. I have already booked a follow up appointment for my next lesson! Thank you very much Dirt First and Mr. Jason Sherman.

-JD S. 40 / Marysville, WA

I did the Level 1 Course with Dirt First and was honestly a bit nervous before arriving. I had always just been a passenger and really wanted to see what it was like being in the driver seat for a change. Having zero and I mean zero knowledge of the most basic workings of a bike, I thought I wouldn't accomplish too much my first try. I couldn't have been more wrong!! I arrived not knowing where the clutch was or how to turn on a bike and left with experience in shifting, braking, body positioning, slow and stand up tight turns. The most valuable thing this dynamic duo gives you with this course aside from the vast knowledge and tips is safety, from the start and in every facet of what you learn with them. I have already signed up for another course. Thank you guys!!

-Ashlee . 34 / Seattle

I've been riding street bikes for about 15 years with limited off-road experience. Recently, I've been interested in doing more off-road/dual sport riding. I took the Level 2 course and it was awesome! It was a small group (3 students) with lots of individual instruction from Whitney. The supplied gear and bikes were nice. The course and trails are fun and Whitney's a great instructor. Definitely a great experience and I'd highly recommend it to others looking to develop their off-road skills/techniques.

-Andrew K. 36 / Seattle

I had a level 2 class today. I'm not a good rider and I was looking to polish skills and focus on technique to gain confidence in my dirt rides. I've taken other classes in the past but Jason is not only a great teacher (awesome communication and energy) but also his knowledge of body posture and bike handling offroad is second to none. if you are considering this class, stop and sign up. This is investing on you. I know now how to really break offroad without an Ohh S××t moment. thank you DBST and Jason.

-Jose R. 41 / Burien, WA

I had a fantastic private class with Jason. Having barely ridden a motorcycle for many years, I was looking forward to the class but nervous, especially on a large 450 bike. However, even the most basic initial instruction from Jason was enough for me to feel comfortable and confident right away, setting me up to enjoy and learn from all of the training exercises. I think Jason might be one of the best teachers/instructors of anything that I have learned, setting a mood for enjoyment and being professional but approachable. As well as being encouraging and patient, his explanations were clear, he was happy to thoroughly answer questions with deep knowledge and skill, and his demonstrations were incredibly useful. More generally the bikes and riding gear were perfect, and the riding area was well suited to a relative novice. Very impressed, thank you for a great experience DBST!

-Ro 36 / Redmond WA

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