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I had a fantastic private class with Jason. Having barely ridden a motorcycle for many years, I was looking forward to the class but nervous, especially on a large 450 bike. However, even the most basic initial instruction from Jason was enough for me to feel comfortable and confident right away, setting me up to enjoy and learn from all of the training exercises. I think Jason might be one of the best teachers/instructors of anything that I have learned, setting a mood for enjoyment and being professional but approachable. As well as being encouraging and patient, his explanations were clear, he was happy to thoroughly answer questions with deep knowledge and skill, and his demonstrations were incredibly useful. More generally the bikes and riding gear were perfect, and the riding area was well suited to a relative novice. Very impressed, thank you for a great experience DBST!

-Ro 36 / Redmond WA

My son, age 12, and I spent a day with Dirt First. He's new to cycling, so started in the beginner class. I've ridden street bikes for most of my life, so joined group 2. The training was fantastic. Joseph had never ridden before; by the end of the day, he was shifting gears, executing sharp turns, and doing a little trail riding. Great teachers. For myself, I learned that dirt bikes are entirely different than what I had grown accustomed to. The balance is different, turning is different; lots of new physics to learn, and this course was the perfect intro. 5 out of 5. Outstanding.

-Chris a. 60 / Mukilteo

Message: I took the ADV bike safety class a few months ago and have made an earnest effort to put the skills I learned into practice since that time.

I decided to post this testimonial because I\'m earnestly astonished that my off-road abilities have improved so drastically after just 1 day of education and application of proper off-road technique. Today, I\'m safely conquering terrain that would have sent me flying off my bike previously, haha!

1 caveat: the class is physically demanding, and it\'s a full day. Be prepared.

I\'m looking forward to signing up for the next class in the series!

-Jake M. / Marysville, WA

I've ridden street bikes most of my life and picked up a few dirt bikes a few years ago. My kids and I have had a great time on them, but without any formal instruction, always felt we didn't have the foundation for the skills needed to ride the trails we wanted to explore. My son and I took the Intermediate class and, now, things make a lot more sense. Wish we could have had these foundational techniques in place before we formed some bad riding practices, but it's never too late. Now we have solid methods we can practice and work on. Looking forward to the advanced class at some point in the future. Jason and Whitney are excellent instructors: genuine, enthusiastic, and skilled. There was a range of experience and personalities in our class and I enjoyed watching how they adapted to everyone's needs. Everyone seemed to learn, enjoy the day, and express gratitude and a desire to return once it was over. Most people didn't bring their own bikes and I heard several say they wanted to learn on something they weren't afraid to bang up. We brought our own bikes. My opinion is I want to learn and be trained on the bike I'm riding. That option worked out great for me, and if you have your own dirt or dual sport, I'd suggest you consider taking the training on your own machine. Email Jason and Whitney. Based on your experience, they can give you a recommendation on which option might work best for you.

-Warren H. 47 / Snohomish County

I am a beginner motorcyclist with no experience whatsoever. I took the level 1 class on a cold and rainy day and as I got there I wasn't sure how I was feeling about it. At the end of the day I can truly say that I have enjoyed this class and left feeling more confident. Jason was very patient and knowledgedable. I would definitely go back for level 2. I highly recommend this class!

-Karine C. 47 / Burien, WA

Thank you Lisa and Jason. 

I learned a ton and have lot’s to work on. It was a worthwhile class and your teaching skills are great, especially the “Carlton Dance”.
Thank for a great weekend.

-Matthew W. /

Hey guys, quick shout out after the Desert 100 class. Over the top instruction and communication. Ran the the 50 mile event on Sunday after the class. As fatigue sets in, the technical points taught, became the things I could rely on in all conditions. Great class, great job.

-Roger Z. 60 / Desert 100

A good class, I was able to learn new skills and use them immediately. Thanks for being at Rally in the Gorge 2015.

-Cliff R. / Hood River OR

Whitney and Jason are very skilled and patient instructors. They opened the door to the basic skills I needed for riding off-road. Renting a bike and gear made it safer and easier to learn. It was such an encouraging learning atmosphere that I took the clas a second time and learned even more!

-Sheri H. 43 / Renton, WA

Jason not only worked with my son thru out the night, but he also loaned us parts off his own bike ,so my son could continue racing in the main events. Jason did an evaluation on my son last night at arennacross , he saw in ten minutes things i have not picked up on in 10 years of watching my son ride and race. The improvemental was immediate , & my son's confidence was increasing with each lap. Jason really went above and beyond for us and I could see his passion for teaching and riding. We can't wait to get more instruction . Whitney is great as well, we just didn't get much time with him, do to being at the race track. I highly recommend booking as many classes as you can . It is well worth your investment. Thank you guys. We look forward to working together.

-Eric C. 38 / Monroe arenacross

I took a private lesson with their instructor, Jason, yesterday. I have never ridden a dirt bike before and am not the best version of myself in group class scenarios (I'm sort of shy person). Jason was so kind and generous with me during our lesson. He got me so much further along in terms of my skills and riding ability in a few hours than I thought would be possible, while also being patient and flexible with his teaching method. There's no question I was humbled by some of my own limitations, but Jason identified them and made it a point to not skip over them but help me focus to get better at them. By the end of the class, I even got to ride on a trail beyond him, which seemed far beyond my reach when I first got there. Highly recommend! Can't wait to go back!

-Tyler J. 33 / Snohomish, WA

I attended the 2022 Odessa 100 Clinic today. Amazing! I cannot express how impressed I was with Jason and his training. You can certainly tell that he loves what he does and he is great at it too. I hope to attend more training classes in the future. Feeling exhausted yet super excited with the new riding skills I learned today. I cannot thank you enough, Jason.

-Holly S. 53 / Odessa WA

I've ridden street for over a decade, but learning how to handle dirt has always been high up on my list of aspirations. I couldn't have imagined a better instructor than Whitney. He was a patient and attentive instructor who adapted to each of his students' levels and progress, and not only showed us the hows & whats, but took the time to make sure we understood the whys. The course site was perfect - comprehensive and well-maintained, with some fun little trails to zip through between lessons. Highly recommend these classes for any skill level of riding.

-Benjamin 36 / Seattle

Grew up with a dirt bike that I rode daily. Stopped riding dirt in my late teens. Got back into riding street more than 10 years ago and ride a lot. All that adds up to YEARS of bad habits for riding dirt the way it should be ridden to be safe. Enter Dirt Bike Safety Training with Jason and Carrie. We rode at the site near Tulalip and I can't recommend it enough. The dirt there is magic. The most confidence inspiring possible. And that doesn't mention the real jewels! The instructors were fun and engaging. They made me want to practice a skillset even though it was challenging. Just sign up for the appropriate class for you. And practice after you go!

-Paul K. 44 / 98290

I've been riding street bikes for about 15 years with limited off-road experience. Recently, I've been interested in doing more off-road/dual sport riding. I took the Level 2 course and it was awesome! It was a small group (3 students) with lots of individual instruction from Whitney. The supplied gear and bikes were nice. The course and trails are fun and Whitney's a great instructor. Definitely a great experience and I'd highly recommend it to others looking to develop their off-road skills/techniques.

-Andrew K. 36 / Seattle

Nothing short of awesome!!! Jason and Brandon provided private lessons for my family (wife 39, brother 31, son 9) and me (38). The range and coaches are everything you could ever want. Jason knew exactly how to coach me out of some ‘bad’ street bike habits and was able to patiently break down skills so they were easy to execute. Everyone who attended was blown away by the great experience today :-) thanks fellas!

-Force T. 38 / Tulalip

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