MX Training
May 2nd | Whitney Koeberle

MX Training

Learn to ride with the curriculum that has helped riders time and again to reach championship status.

As a motorcycle enthusiast with over 30 years of experience, Gary Strode has been continuously involved in the motorcycle industry since he was a young boy. He climbed the national ranks to within the top 1% in the world.  His professional racing career lasted 12 years, starting in 1988.  He earned National #46 and held it for two consecutive years in 1993/1994.  Gary retired from professional competition in 2000. His last National event was at his home track, Washougal Motocross Park, which happened to be on the AMA National Motocross Series that year. 

Through his time as a professional racer, Gary attend the AMA Supercross Series and AMA National Motocross Series from 1989-1992. In 1992 he decided to make a switch to the AMA National Dirt Track Race Series, where he earned his National #46. Throughout his time as a National Dirt Track Racer, Gary increase his cornering skills tremendously, which served to be very helpful as he switched back to the National Motocross series for two years, before he retired.

Today Gary Strode and Dirt Bike Safety Training use their life experiences as motorcycle riders and trainers to teach others how to ride.  Gary has done so for over 20 years. Now on the long list of Pro riders that have had the opportunity to work directly with Gary Strode, come some of the best riders in the world. You know these riders today,  Nick Schmidt, Tommy Weeck, Josh Jackson, Collin Jurin and many more...

In this class we will teach: 

- Proper Bike Setup 

- Hands and Body positioning.  (Energy Conserving and Attack Position) 

- Effective Starting Techniques (Modulation of Clutch to Throttle Control) 

- Power Braking

- Cornering Techniques (Angles Positions)

- Speed Shifting and Throttle positioning

- Attacking the Whoops

- Anticipating your opponents while Passing

- Line Selection

- Moto Preparations

and much more....