Terms and Conditions

Reserving a date: Call or email and confirm the availability of the date(s) you want. You can reserve dates by phone with a Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX.  A 50% deposit is required to reserve training and a $500 deposit is required to reserve a tour, with the balance due 30-days prior to the tour or training. (844) DIRT-FIRST-WA.

Our Rider Profile and Registration Form and our Waiver Forms must be completed by all Dirt Bike Safety Training. LLC participants prior to any event. Minors must have parent or guardian signature.

Weather:  All DBST, LLC / Dirt First Washington events will take place, Rain or Shine, unless otherwise notified by DBST/ DFW Staff.  In the event there is lightning or icy conditions, the instructor will make the judgement call and notify the students in the event of cancellation and need to reschedule. 

Minimum age for training: Three years old and must be able to ride a bicycle well, without training wheels before trying a motorcycle.

Discounts: Group discount are available. Contact us for a quote.  

Military discounts are available for regular Level 1 and Level 2 Group Classes only.

Adventure bike and Dual sport tours require a minimum of five people and all participants are responsible for carrying their own current street motorcycle operator's license, and those bringing their own bikes must have a current license plate and proof of insurance.

Specific tour itineraries and details will be mailed to you at least 2 weeks prior to the tour.

Skill levels:  Please correctly state your skill level and physical condition for any DBST, LLC / Dirt First Washington ride. Our customers are grouped together by skill levels 1, 2, or 3. Our rides and routes are carefully selected to match each group's riding ability for the best possible experience for everyone. The difference in difficulty for these groups is significant.
Level 1 is for beginners with no experience riding a motorcycle.
Level 2 is for street and off-road riders or people who can ride a motorcycle, and want to improve their skills and abilities across the board.
Level 3 is for riders that have mastered every exercise in the Level 2 curriculum, or are experienced, advanced, above skill level riders who are still learning, honing their skills, or just looking for a new challenge or adventure.  

Crash damage repair policy:  When using one of our motorcycles, you are responsible for any damage you incur. For any parts you damage that require replacing we will only charge you dealer cost for the parts, plus 10%. Normal wear will not be charged to the customer.

Southern MX Migration (SMXM):  This training is intended for students that want to improve their Level 2 and Motocross skills.  We will transport one dirt bike and one gear bag to and from Anza, CA.  Minimum of 10 students required.  Due to the lead times required for travel, manpower, equipment preparation, and track reservations and fees.   

Winter Incentive Program:  To be used for Level 1 and Level 2 classes only.  30% off gift certificates must be purchased in the month of November 2019 and be redeemed in the 2020 calendar year.  20% off gift certificates must be purchased in the month of December 2019 and be redeemed in the 2020 calendar year.  10% off gift certificates must be purchased in the month of January 2019 and be redeemed in the 2020 calendar year.  Winter Incentive gift certificates can not be combined with other promotions or discounts.

Late arrivals for Training:  Please make every effort to be on time.  If you arrive late, this cuts into your time, we will not end the class later.  If you arrive an hour late you must wait until our first break to join the class.  If you arrive more than one hour late you will miss important basics and we may not be able to accommodate you that day due to the disruption it causes others who showed up on time.  Refunds will not be given due to late arrivals. You may reschedule training for another day. 

Minimum number of riders for regular training: Five riders minimum are required per day of training. If five riders are not registered five days prior to the day you reserved, we have the option to phone you and offer the following:
A) If you can, we allow 48 hours to recruit enough people and keep the date.
B) Reschedule for another date.
C) Pay additional fees for an exclusive to guarantee that date.
D) No Refund available, only reschedules.

DBST, LLC can cancel and reschedule classes for any reasonable safety reason without provide a refund, but only offering an option to reschedule. 

Due to the amount of preparation and work to put riding classes together, there are No Cancellations available, only class reschedules.

Refunds, and Rescheduling:  If you need to reschedule, notice by phone conversation is required.  Reservations expire after one year from booking date and no refunds will be given.

For Training with Summer Camp Events:  Due to the lead times required for travel, manpower, equipment preparation, and site reservations.  A 5 day notice of cancellation is required to receive a full refund. If notice is less than 5 days, a $99 processing fee per student will be charged and the balance refunded or applied to your next event or class.  If a cancellation is less than 24 hours notice, a 50% fee per student will be charged and the balance refunded or applied to your next event or class.  

For Tours and Training Tours:  Due to the lead times required for travel, manpower, equipment preparation, reservations, etc., we require at least 30 days notice for a full refund. If 30 days or less you will forfeit $500 deposit plus credit card processing fees. If 14 days or less you will forfeit 50% of total plus credit card processing fees and if seven days or less there will be NO REFUND.

Reservations, Gift Certificates, & Promo Codes:  Advanced reservations and Gift Certificates are valid for 1 year (expire and are non-refundable if not used in a 12 month period from date of purchase). Promo codes are meant for their intended recipients and companies. If the person using a code is not associated with the company, then additional funds will be required at the time of the event or class.

No Refunds will be given for the termination of a participant for unsafe or inappropriate conduct. DBST, LLC / Dirt First Washington reserves the right to terminate the participation of a rider for unsafe or inappropriate conduct at any time and for any reason. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs permitted before or during class.